We work with several wonderful distilleries 

To date 

CBA Creative Bar Associates

Peter started CBA with his partner after owning a bar in Soho for several years, however during Covid he was no longer able to keep the bar, and after much soul searching CBA was born, and a delightful range of gin.

The Little Quaker Distillery based in Darlington,  run by husband and wife team Paul and Leanne, Paul and Leanne have  recently moved distilleries and have opened in the centre of Darlington.

Paul is a manager in County Durham and Leanne works for the NHS.

Pitwheel Distillery, based in Wingate County Durham, run by Derrick and Charlotte, Derrick retired and decided that he hadn't worked long enough, Charlotte works for the NHS, they are joined by Tanya and Stacey their daughters who are also joined by their husbands.

Taplin and Mageean, based in Leyburn in an old goodS shed on Wensleydale Railway,

Chris Taplin who also has Stonehouse hotel in Wensledale. For us combining gin and railways is always going to be a winner.

Yorkshire Dales Distillery, based in Colburn, run by  Ex soldier Tony and his wife Ex police officer  Sarah, aided by an able workforce and eldest son Luke. Tony is still in the reserves, the couple also have 4 children

Let's not forget the beer, we've recently introduced Oslo Beers and Belgenius beers to our stalls, many are gluten free and vegan friendly, something different for you to try.

More fantastic breweries on our list, the addition of Bayonet Brewing based in our home town, is fantastic news, and just about to arrive is a new one to us New Bristol Brewing Company.

Gin de Charente , run and distilled by NHS worker Pat, Pat is based in Liverpool, however he distils his gin in France, whilst on holiday with his patient wife.