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              Providing You With the Very Best


Meet Dolly the Trolley

Trolley'd is our mobile bar and event company embracing the qualities of sustainability. Giving used objects a life beyond their original purpose was the beginning of our adventure.  With a love of vintage and sustainability, we started repurposing everyday objects into mobile bars, we started with pallets and Ethanol Drums and realised we needed more mobility using less space, we invested in vintage trolleys  turning them into mobile bars  increasing them in numbers to build our mobile bar events steadily. transportable, they roll in and out, making them the ultimate mobile bar for small corporate events and private parties. 

We're always on the lookout for more everyday objects to re-purpose.  Sustainability is important to us and we source and look for products to  improve our offering.

Bottles are recycled or upcycled, look for them on our stalls, they are also donated to groups that upcycle for charity.

                                                    Mocktails and Dreams

Under 18, don't drink, no problem meet Mocktails and Dreams, suitable for children's parties or baby showers we've sourced the best alcohol free products, smoothies and mocktails, we'll set the trolley or tray according to the event, same great service, without the alcohol.  

We talk to you and bespoke your package for you, working with your budget and event. Contact us for more information. 

Call my Bluff  Wine Tastings

Take 6 wines and 3 descriptions of each,  a fun evening with you being the Sommelier or maybe not, pit your taste buds against the descriptions, do you know your wines. 

Ideal for village halls and communities.

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