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Who we are!

After 30 years in hospitality and 10 in sales, we had

always tried to support small businesses and charities. We coupled this with a love of gin and rum, we thought of a way to combine the things we love and ABV was born. If you're not quite sure what it stands for, we sell alcohol, so alcohol by volume sums it up.  We now work with the family doing what we love and believe in, supporting small businesses and charities. We've had varying careers,   it's certainly given us different experiences  and exacting customer service .




Meeter and Greeter, you'll find her on stalls and stands, offering tips and tastings. 

Lou meets the distillers and is the first point of contact.

Kyle and Andrea

Part time help and never ending support, despite working full time you will find them both on stalls and at tastings, their passion for our products shines through.


Devan may be the youngest member of our team, but that doesn't make her any less important, she is often found moving a vast amount of boxes and ensuring displays are being shown as eye catching as possible. 

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